Tuesday, May 16, 2006



The Vicious Bunny Translations by William Allegrezza
(Moria, Chicago, 2005. Available from lulu.com)

These bunny "translations" originated on William Allegrezza's blog, p-ramblings. As the author writes of these texts in his prologue, "They are all attributed to individuals who do not exist. Over the past two years, I have been adding them to the blog as meditations on various subjects from war, to sex, to death, to divorce, to progress. The bunnies, though vicious, are products of their time."

Actually, they are timeless.

Mr. Allegrezza's bunnies are actually, in sum, taken collectively, the transcendental signifier, the Big Other, the furry emblem of limit and limitlessness. They first appear though as the building blocks of nature:

"Fire in the beginning was a bunny."
--Lalo Hernandez

"The essence of a bunny is a circle, as is the essence of the universe."
--Lao Chen

"Attraction is a bunny."
--Giovanni d'Ancona

"The sunshine is a bunny, as is the rain and wind."
--Mafouz al Fah'iz

To know a bunny is to court danger and to pay a price:

"Those the bunnies love die young."
--Tracicodo Andros

"Now, we descend into the dark realm of demons and bunnies."
--Ante Salighieri

"the bunny is trading places with the bomb."
--Isok Harputi

"I watched the bunnies come over the mountaintop in search of revenge and I was afraid."
--Pablo Sanchez Ortiz

"The bunny is a chainsaw and I am its cheese waiting for fuel."
--Urusula di Piomba

Love the bunny, but fear its wrath. Buy this book or the carrot eaters will come for you in the night.


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